Thursday, November 03, 2005

At a Party

Last Saturday, at a party in East Amsterdam, I met a guy really quickly and I mentioned that I would like to do a podcast. I don't remember his name. It was late and I'd had several drinks (and, wow, did I wake up with a thumper of a headache). I thought I should start putting it out there that I would like to do a podcast. I've listened to several on a regular basis and I really enjoy the ones with two hosts. They can bounce subjects off one another.

This guy was not the key to my podcasting career. He was just a friend of a guy in my writer's group. He was sort of wacky and interesting looking - giant nose and long hair. At first, I thought he was the boyfriend of the guy from my writer's group. I told the host, "I thought Kai might be gay. Then I saw him walk in with his boyfriend. That's sort of cool."

The host looked at me and said, "That's not his boyfriend. Kai's straight and his friend has a girlfriend."

I shrugged and said, "They sort of make a cute couple."

Right now isn't even really the best time to start a podcast - for me. But I don't mind looking and talking about it.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Podcasting Obsession

This blog name is being saved as I obsess about making a podcast. I've been listening to podcasts for a couple of months now and I am almost convinced that I need to do my own. I like the name "Instant Andy." Comment and tell me what you think about the name. Is it a little too much "Andy"?

Some of the podcasts I listen to are: Feast of Fools, The Sitterdowners, Cinecast, Morning Sedition, The Catholic Insider, Podquiz, The Bitterest Pill, Am I American? The America Show.

Okay, maybe I should come up with something else without my name. But I like it for now.

Opinions anyone?